Top Five Funny Stories Which Happened in Video Chats

Nowadays people use video chats more and more often owing to its convenience as well as benefits. Among such are opportunities to meet new friends to share interests and ideas with or even find prospective dates. Whatever your particular reason to chat in video services is, there is always a great opportunity to have fun by pranking your random chatee. Below we will tell about the five funniest pranks which took place across the chat platforms for you to find some inspiration in them!

The Five Best Video Chat Pranks

Since Internet is becoming our main source of entertaining content, people try to use it to prank others and thus have fun. There is usually nothing bad in pranks, but their outcomes usually make thousands of people laugh afterwards. Below we will discuss some of the most known pranks in the chats like Chatroulette and Omegle.

Among the best situations are:

    • chatting with fake Skrillex: video of this prank went viral as one man looking just like Sonny John Moore appeared on the screens of random chatters and communicated with them. There were even screencaps posted on social sharing sites with the captions like, “Dude! I totally just chatted with Skrillex on webcam!”.
    • Call Me Maybe cover: YouTuber Steve Kardynal was having some fun in the video chat by dancing in bikinis of various colors. The fellow hopped on ChatRoulette and lip-synced to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” in many bikinis.
    • laughing grandma: this prank also went viral and there is no explanation to it. It just  a looping video of an elderly woman laughing, and… that is all she does, and still one of the funniest pranks ever.
    • Halloween prank: prankster posted a looped video of herself acting normal and proper, but there was tremendous a catch. She inserted an animation of herself rushing towards the screen with all kinds of horrific eye-blackening special effects and this was creepy enough to make many people laugh afterwards.


  • Justin Bieber as a chatee: another prank performed by a cold hearted person as it showed a video of Justin Bieber on webcam turned into a loop. Needless to say how happy girls were during these fake conversations. Well, for us there is nothing left but to laugh at their priceless reactions.


For well-trained and eager online prankers, turning an online conversation into a game is no difficulty. For others, who are poorly acquainted with photoshop and other editing apps, to play a prank may require a bit more effort and acumen. Anyways, it means that there is much more for one in chats than simple communication with strangers, but also the unique opportunity to be creative and entertain others. Therefore, if you have ever wanted to do something crazy and worthy someone’s attention, an online chat is exactly the place to do so!

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