Apps for video chatting

These days millions of people prefer using smartphones instead of talking to other men without anything. That is why getting along with each other has become a huge issue for mankind. However, the developers have solved this problem due to the creation of video chats. These are the programs for communication which you can use on your computer with the internet connection. But sometimes it is impossible to find a laptop with a video camera. For those people there are more than a dozen of applications for video chatting. The most useful of them are in this article.

Top 5 apps for video chatting

The list below shows the handiest chatting applications for Android and iOS devices.

To understand which one of these to choose you need to find out advantages and disadvantages of each of them.



This is one of the most popular apps in this list. The first reason for this is that a person can use different stickers while talking to a stranger or to his friends. Furthermore, this application allows users to create their own chats. One can develop a group according to his personal preferences. Many people adore this app because here is an unusual option. A user can send a text to the interlocutor and this message will be permanently deleted after he reads it. That is how hackers won’t steal your personal information.



This app is also popular, and 20 million people who use it prove that. You can simply talk to strangers but also it’s possible to send photos to them. Moreover, using the application you can meet people who are close to you now.



This application is the easiest to use because of its interface. You can find people on Hitwe who absolutely matches you according to the information on your profile. Here is a great number of emoji and stickers which you can share with your friends. The main advantage of the apps shown above is that all of them are free. However, you can also purchase a program for your phone and get even more opportunities.



This is an application for those people who want to meet not a crony but a date. It demonstrates a map to you where all of the users nearby are shown. If you need to turn off the advertisement, you have to buy a subscription.



This is an app developed not only for those who simply want to meet a new pal but also for those who need to improve their level of foreign language. Here you can meet people from Spain, France and even India.

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