What not to tell strangers on a video chat

What is your personal attitude towards the internet? There will be always two points of view on such an issue. Many people have no doubt that modern technologies have amazing impact on human beings’ lives. When these individuals start to prove their opinion, they say about that fact that innovative gadgets make their lives much more comfortable. For instance, this kind of people do not even go shopping due to the fact that there are lots of online stores where they can easily order everything they need. This way of buying clothes or food is not only a cheaper option but also a faster one because of one doesn’t need to spend the entire day going from one shop to another. The internet for these individuals is also a great source of information. If they are looking for some books for their study or job, they can find them on the internet in a couple of seconds.

However, there are still many people who believe that the internet is one of the worst developments of the previous century. The most significant proof of such a statement is that individuals have become much more antisocial than they used to be even few years ago. Nowadays people prefer to get to the place where they have never been before using their maps installed on smart phones because they are afraid to start talking to strangers thinking that unknown people will harm them. However, there are still people who want to communicate with other human beings. For those individuals the programmers have created services specifically for communication. These online platforms are known as video chats. If you want to create an account there, you need to have only a web camera. But even if you are an open minded person, you should tell strangers a lot about yourself. If you want to know which information is inappropriate, read the article.

Don’t tell you real name

The first thing you should do if you decide to create an account on a video chat is to create a nickname. You need to do this because there are still some hackers who can determine who you are knowing only your name. Your sobriquet can show your personality or it can simply a nickname created by your relatives or friends.

Your address is a taboo

Never tell the strangers even about city where you live because it can also help hackers understand a lot about yourself. You can say such information only to those users who are considered to be your closest friends. Otherwise, one day you will be blackmailed.

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