May kids create personal profiles on video chats?

Nowadays, almost every human being has a mobile phone. Only twenty of years ago these devices were used to send messages or to call other individuals in order to arrange a meeting. But everything has completely changed since those years. These days humans prefer to use their phones to interact with other people. This is the main reason why even kids have modern gadgets where they can use the internet or to download entertaining apps. That’s why children have become antisocial and prefer talking on their phones instead of going for a walk with their mates. Some teenagers prefer interacting on video chats. These are services specifically for communication which help talk to each other having only a web camera. However, lots of people are sure that these online platforms are dangerous for kids.

Reasons why teenagers should not create personal profiles on video chats

First of all, it is much harder to communicate with other people in reality for those kids who only use the internet for interaction. Even though children feel absolutely relaxed when they have a conversation with their online cronies. However, when they should talk to a person in their school, they forget what they have such a skill. This behavior can lead teens to serious mental health problems when they grow up.

Moreover, a younger generation is inclined to trust even those people who they see for the first time. That is why teenagers can say their private information to strangers when they are talking on a video chat. However, these unknown people can be intruders and use what they have found out about a kid to make a fortune.

Reasons why teenagers should create personal profiles on video chats

But there are still some advantages for those teenagers who use video chats.

One of the reasons why these online resources are perfect for children is that kids  can find people with the same tastes there. Many teenagers have hobbies which do not seem to be conventional. That is the reason why they cannot get along with their people around them. However, these days video chats are used by millions of people living different parts of the globe.

Moreover, this is a great chance to find out new information. These websites are filled with users living in different countries. That is why it is easy for a kid to learn many facts about foreigners and their cultures. Furthermore, that’s a magnificent way to improve language skills. Teenagers can hear diverse accents and become better at listening and other aspects of languages.

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