One Random Chat That Changed My Life Forever

My story began not as beautiful as fairytales. It is generally an exception rather than a rule. I’m not the type of person who has a lot of friends and is cheerful and sociable. I prefer loneliness and silence. I’m melancholic. I used to spend evenings at home reading books or watching films.

Sometimes, I was thinking about my future life and a soul mate. I was desperate. I decided to visit a random cam chat. I chose the first option that was in a search list. It called CooMeet. There were lots of freak and trolls, some sex-addicted users. I was disappointed and wanted to disconnect when an ordinary simply guy appeared on the other side of the screen. I was upset and my mood was pessimistic. He noticed that and asked me why. I explained my situation. So, our dialogue began.

The guy was quite polite and attentive. Our conversation was interesting although I was in a bad mood. At the end of our communication in a cam chat, he gave me his contacts on Facebook.

I didn’t take it seriously and forgot about it. A sheet of paper with his nickname lay somewhere on my table for several days. I accidentally noticed it when I was doing my homework. So I decided to check his profile.

As I’m a shy person, I didn’t dare to write to him. So I “liked” some of his posts. Then I decided to look through his photos and found his wedding photos. I was shocked. I didn’t expect to see something like that. So, I spent the rest of the day depressed. No, I didn’t fell in love with him but I felt that I was deceived again and once again felt loneliness.

The next day, I noticed that he add me to his friend list. I was surprised. He wrote to me then. I was skeptical about him and even had a certain dislike. If he was married and didn’t say to me, he was a cheater.

But I pretended that I hadn’t seen those photos. He invited me on a date. I agreed. When we met he was polite and cheerful. But I was filled with loathing and couldn’t control it anymore. I said that saw those photos. He laughed and told me his story.

His marriage lasted for a few months. It was a marriage of convenience. So, I found out that he was an honorable and intelligent person. We walked and talked. When our date was over, I realized that I like the time spent with him. I felt like I fell in love. I was a bit scared and nervous because I didn’t know whether he liked me.

In the evening he wrote an SMS and wished me “Good night”. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. We met for about three years and then he proposed to me. Now, we are family.

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