Things you Should Know about Web Cameras When Choosing a Portable Cameras For Communication in Online Chats

Few people need mega-advanced webcams that can shoot in the dark and be equipped with the function of “face tacking” – unless you are looking for a model for outdoor surveillance, plan to participate in large-scale video conferences or streams. For most Internet users, just a good webcam without unnecessary frills is enough for communication in cam chats. Let’s consider how to choose a camera that meets your requirements.

Excellent webcams are produced by well-known companies that specialize in the production of computer peripherals:

  • Logitech;
  • Sven;
  • Genius;
  • A4Tech;
  • Qumo.

What camera is to choose from?

  1. For normal communication with friends and relatives in video chats, an inexpensive camera with a built-in microphone and a CMOS sensor is enough. A resolution of 600×800 pixels is enough but you can take a more advanced webcam if you wish and have a good Internet connection speed. The sensitivity margin in the range of 100-500 will not be excess, although if you have a small budget you will have to compromise. If you want to save money, you can choose a camera with manual tuning.
  2. If the camera will be used for working video conferences, you should not be greedy. Give your preference to a model with autofocus and good FHD resolution. A built-in microphone is also allowed here since in cameras of this class the audio and video streams no longer interfere with each other. There are no special requirements for the type of matrix, and the sensitivity of 300-500 units will be sufficient.
  3. Video bloggers, streamers and everyone whose activity is closely connected with broadcasting video over the Web need really good cameras with a maximum resolution (1920×1080), which are equipped with autofocus and high sensitivity of the matrix up to 100 points. The webcam must support video stream transfer at 30 FPS, and in this case, it’s better to purchase a separate portable microphone.

What are the key parameters you should pay attention to when selecting a web camera?

  1. Matrix. There are two types of matrixes: CMOS and CCD.
  2. Video resolution
  3. Sensibility
  4. Scanning
  5. Frame rate
  6. Focusing
  7. Built-in microphone
  8. Type of connection
  9. Lockable lens
  10. Cord length
  11. Design features

These are the main characteristics that may influence your choice. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the best model of web cameras to make your communication in random online chats more pleasant and fruitful.

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