Verbal Signs of Deception. How to Understand that you Communicate with a Liar?

When you communicate with a random user on an online video chat, you can clearly see and hear him/her. If you’re not sure that your interlocutor is honest with you, you can try to use your knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication. Our body language speaks a lot, and it is possible to reveal lies judging by gestures and movements. At the same time, words, speech, and pace also can tell you that your interlocutor is a deceiver. Now. Let’s consider verbal signs:

  1. Uncertainty, evasion of answers. For example, the sentence “I will try to do something” means that a person is not going to do anything.
  2. Slow speech, the presence of a large number of interjections, parasite words. This is the main sign of a lie, especially if your interlocutor on a cam chat has not previously used such a “garbage” in a conversation. After all, a deceiver needs time to think over the subsequent speech and speaks slowly. Thus, he/she fills pauses with such words to avoid silence.
  3. Lack of argumentation, facts, the inconsistency of speech, jumping from one topic to another.
  4. Excuses and imprudent statements.
  5. Repeating an interlocutor’s question allows a cheater to gain some time to think before answering.
  6. The belief in truthfulness. “Can I lie?”, “This is true”, “Do not doubt” – these are the phrases that deceivers use to manipulate interlocutors.
  7. A brief narration without details. It is difficult for a liar to remember everything he talked about. Thus, he/she tries not to go into details. It is easy to check whether a story is true. Ask your interlocutor in a random chat to retell the story in reverse order with the smallest detail. Do not forget to ask clarifying questions.
  8. Too many details. If, after a brief narration of a story, a cheater sees distrust on the face of his/her interlocutor, he/she begins to supplement the story with details.
  9. When trying to hide anger, a liar can increase voice intonation, volume, and speed up the pace of speech.

Exposing lies is a complex process. If you have noticed one or more signs described above, this is not a reason to blame an interlocutor for insincerity. It is necessary to carefully watch for a random user, notice all inconsistencies, and then analyze them taking into account the individual characteristics of a person. When having a complete picture of behavior, one can easily understand whether a person is sincere or not. In the case of communication on online video chats, it is possible to expose lies only if you communicate with a user several times.

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