Review of “Zoom” Video Chat

Even before the epidemic, Zoom was one of the most popular video conferencing services. But at that time, it was mainly used for business purposes. Businessmen arranged online conferences via this cam chat. Due to quarantine, even more companies that have switched to remote work online and joined this online platform. And after them – millions of users who are now studying or just chatting with friends from home.

Why is Zoom so good?

  • A great number of participants in conferences is allowed

The service allows connecting up to 100 users for FREE to a conference. 25 of them can be displayed on the screen at a time. For comparison: if you use Skype, you can’t connect more than 50 participants, in Hangouts, this number is equal to 25.

  • Registration is optional

When using Zoom applications, only a conference organizer have to have an account.

  • Many free functions and features
  • Chats. Users can send private messages to each other or chat in a group chat.
  • Demonstration of the desktop. Each participant can broadcast not only a video from the camera but also the screen of a computer or mobile device.
  • Joint work with documents. By installing the Zoom application, a user will be able to display photos or text documents on the screen for joint annotation.
  • Conference record. The video chat allows saving video conferences, as well as a message history on your computer.
  • Control participants. The conference organizer can delete selected participants, as well as forbid them to broadcast video and sound.
  • Virtual backgrounds. If you do not want to show the interior of your apartment to participants, select any digital background instead. The service offers such options as an image of an office, stills from movies, or even memes.
  • The cam chat is available on different platforms.

Zoom has applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. If you use it on a computer, there is no need to install it; the platform works directly in a browser.

Chrome and Firefox users also have plugins that help schedule and run conferences faster and more conveniently.

What else should you know about the cam chat?

The weakest point of the Zoom free version is limited conference time. If 40 minutes is too little for you, you can re-create it after disconnecting or buy a paid subscription.

The cost of the cheapest one is $15 per month. The organizer pays for it. As a part of this tariff, you can arrange conferences for up to 24 hours. Among other advantages: 1 GB of cloud space for storing records, access to statistics of meetings, as well as additional moderation functions.

More expensive tariffs offer even more cloud space, automatic creation of transcripts of records, as well as the ability to connect up to 500 participants.

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