Dating sites: why is it normal and what problems are there

Millions of people surf the Internet every day: in all these social networks, in messengers, watching serials and getting to know each other on special websites for dating. Fifteen years ago such acquaintances raised a lot of questions, because it is strange, incomprehensible, shameful, dangerous, oppressive spiritual scrapes. Time went by, and now we live in a world where most of human life has gone online. And how has the quality of online dating changed?

We want to understand the pros and cons of online dating sites. We are now in the process of declaring a session of removing fears. Put a jar of water next to it, the power of wifi charges for love.

+ Easy to get acquainted

There are many examples when people came to know each other online, started families, have children and live happily. It is even easier to find future love among users than offline.

– It is difficult to find your love

Well, it was difficult in real life, too. But here it’s easier, because it’s easier to get acquainted on the Internet, and on dating sites people already want it, otherwise they would not be there. You can spend long days on correspondence and you have to be ready for it if your intentions are serious. If they are not so serious, and your conversation partner has nothing against flirting or having sex with spontaneity, everything is much simpler.

+ Saving time

The modern rhythm of life dictates its conditions. When you are tired of coming from work, and after dinner there is no time left for sleep, not just for walks, it is time to optimize the schedule. Getting to know you on the Internet faster, your profiles, photos and walls in social networks work around the clock, telling everyone about your beautiful inner world. Many of them will want to get acquainted with you, it’s just a matter of time. Just feel free to open up to the world.

– Some acquaintances stay online

It’s done, you’ve made new friends and possible loved ones. But there’s a catch: not everyone wants to move from online to offline. There are a lot of people in life who don’t like to communicate live because it’s always stressful.  No problem, there’s a lot of people who understand you online.

The second category is people who are better off not dating. There are a lot of people who dislike you, it’s like offline, but dating sites have an undeniable advantage.  It’s easy to stop communication on them, and if you are rude, then in the fight against rudeness will help moderators.

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