3 psychological techniques that will teach you to relax

To minimize stress, master these simple exercises. They will help you maintain your mental balance.

1. Release control

Often we try to control everything. This approach is very energy consuming and usually inefficient. Our morale gets weaker, our health gets worse, and we become less efficient. Therefore, in order to learn to let go, it is important to understand the things that we cannot influence and therefore cannot control. Do you know when you will return to work after quarantine? You don’t have to eat yourself. The situation is not up to you right now.

Make a list of the things you can’t control and tend to focus on without having to. This will allow you to look at the situation from the outside and ask yourself the right questions: Is the situation as important as I think it is? What happens if I can’t solve this problem? What can I do in this situation?

2. Switch to your body

Our brain is very lazy, and it usually works on the same issues, to put it simply, chases the same few thoughts around. We don’t notice it, but this round dance is very exhausting. Usually it’s thoughts about some stressful situations – a quarrel with a colleague, bad news on TV, family problems. You always scroll through the same scene, assuming different scenarios. A good way to “soothe” this merry-go-round is to reconnect with your body. It’ll give the brain a break. Spend 10 minutes every day “scanning” your body. Focus on each part of it, look at the legs, arms, back and head. This is how we relieve tension and recharge. You can do this by self-massage or massage with a dry brush. You can rub yourself with body lotion. And if you are not alone in quarantine, ask your partner or family member to give you a massage.

3. Learn positive imaging

Sometimes, despite all our efforts, thoughts continue their crazy race in the head. As a result, we can’t relax and focus on the really important things – our work or loved ones that now require care and attention. You can learn to let go of negative thoughts through positive visualization by focusing, for example, on a soothing image of a place or person.

This simple exercise can be practiced everywhere. Simply open an album or computer with beautiful nature or artwork. Or take a look at a photo that reminds you of something nice. Remember the scents of that moment, the sounds, your feelings. It will allow you to recharge your optimism to continue your day.

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