Silly reasons for quarrel

If you’ve been living together for more than a week, you’ve probably been fighting on one of these irrational occasions.

In the bedroom.

1. Temperature mode

You put on socks, pants, sweater, and remember where the coat hangs when you suddenly find that all the windows in the apartment are open wide open. Or, on the contrary, you sweat and find out that someone turned off the air conditioner. Obviously, this villain just wants to freeze or roast you, as there is no swearing.

2. Turn off the light

When both of them have made comfortable nests out of blankets, it can be difficult to agree on who should leave the warm bed to turn off the light.

4. Snoring

On the one hand, the person who snores does not do it on purpose. It is difficult to blame him. On the other hand, you’ve been spinning sideways for the third hour, and no earplugs are able to muffle this annoying sound. It seems that it is not so difficult to blame the partner.

5. Things scattered

Even the most tolerant couples occasionally quarrel when someone stumbles over someone else’s socks or comb.

6. Wet towel on the bed

Wet sheets could still be survived. But how can you stand the fact that a wet towel is lying on your side of the bed?

7. Someone else’s alarm clock

You’d rather sleep in peace than listen to your bedmate move the alarm clock ten times “for another five minutes”. As a result, you have to get up while the other half is dreaming.

8. Something perfect in your dreams

You were guilty: you changed, left, broke your partner’s favorite vase. True, it happened in his dream. On the one hand, nobody is to blame. On the other hand, your half is upset, and you are angry because of the absurdity of the situation.

In the kitchen.

9. Last piece

You bought something delicious for two, but one ate his portion at once, and the other put it in the fridge to enjoy the morning. It is easy to imagine the whole range of feelings of a fit-for-purpose partner, who, anticipation of a date with a treat, will find that his portion is not in place.

10. Smartphone at lunch

Thinking about an idyllic family dinner, you can hardly imagine that all of its participants stumbled into smartphones. Modern couples, working full time, do not have enough time for each other, so the gadgets can cause serious disagreements.

11. Empty frying pan or plate in the fridge When someone over and over again eats all the food out of the fridge, leaving empty pans and plates in it, it is no wonder that his half imagines how he throws this dish into the delinquent.

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