Zenly: a map with friends and strangers

People work through the Internet, make purchases through the Internet, study, communicate, and, of course, get to know each other more often using online services. Nevertheless, online dating carries certain risks, and the image created in the head of the interlocutor rarely coincides with the appearance and behavior of the real person. It is possible to reduce the probability of disappointments only in one way. It will be much safer if you get acquainted in correct mobile applications. One of them is the Zenly application.

The main features of Zenly

Zenly is a map that helps you learn what your friends and other people who are ready to interact with you right away are doing. Millions of people around the world have found that Zenly allows them to spend more time with their loved ones, even when it’s physically impossible. Use Zenly to:

  • Always know exactly where your friends are and what they’re doing;
  • Know when your friends’ phone is unavailable;
  • Know when your friends are at home, at school, at work or on the way to any of these places;
  • Get alerts when your friends go to other countries;
  • Have fun with your favorite emoji;
  • Find out when your friends are together by using the light on the map and create a shared chat with one touch;
  • Wash or freeze yourself to disappear from the map for a while.

You don’t need hundreds of friends on Zenly – you just need a few people to start. There are many ways to add friends, but to see them on the map, your friends will need to accept the request. 

This mobile program also shows statistics, with whom the user spends most time and in what places. So, you can surprise your friends by visiting these places while they’re there.

When someone is watching the location of a person, he is growing in popularity and everyone can see it. There is a need to hide your location, for this there is a ghost mode on this application, which will allow you to hide from all. The developers have also spent nine years to develop a special algorithm that allows you to continuously exchange information regardless of the Internet connection, while virtually not wasting battery power.

Join in a second, invite friends to find new friends nearby, look at their location on the map and be closer to dear people. This user-friendly application is available in all countries and users can access Zenly via all devices, including Android and iOS smartphones.

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